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Churchill Scores First ACS Win of 2021—Dennis, Weston, Purdy, Vannausdle Repeat

Churchill Scores First ACS Win of 2021—Dennis, Weston, Purdy, Vannausdle Repeat

Corning, IA (July 17th, 2021) A total of 94 cars checked into Saturday nights “Farm Appreciation Night” and battled it out for ACS bragging rights in front of a packed grandstand.

In the Northland Oil Stock Cars Creston, Iowa’s Steve Churchill took control from his pole position and held off stiff challenges to score his first win of 2020. Churchill’s last ACS win came back in 2011. The driver of the “Double Nickle” beat current NASCAR Div IV point leader Brad Derry to the line for the win while current ACS point leader Buck Schafroth settled for third. Matt Avila held down the fourth spot while Brock Badger collected his first top five of the year in fifth.

In the Poet Modifieds, Jesse Dennis continued to flex his muscle going back-to-back and slowly closing the gap between himself and point leader Randy Foote. Foote started the main event from the pole but in the end it was Dennis coming from the tenth spot on the grid to score the victory. Foote held on for second and minimized the point gain on the night by Dennis which now stands at just 37. Jeff Wiggins collected third place honors while Brad Bergren and Mark Karg completed the top five.

Jerod Weston made his way back to victory lane in the O’Reilly Auto B-Mods for the fourth time this season. The Red Oak, IA driver put on a show for the packed house, coming all the way from the eleventh starting position to score the victory and close ground in the National point race. Tommy Hensley almost scored his second win of the season but had to settle for second while Josh Most completed the podium in third. Josh Sink notched his first top five of the year with Shawn Kralik finishing in fifth.

The story of the night in the Chat Mobility Hobby Stocks was none other than 2013-14 ACS Champion Jeremy Purdy. Purdy charged all the way from 12th at the drop of the green to win his second ACS feature of 2021. Luke Ramsey chased Purdy through the pack from the same sixth row, coming up one spot shy of the win in second. Brit Pellman got his second top five of the year with a third place run and was followed across the line by David Weeda and Matt McAtee. Purdy put a stamp on his night by winning the McCunn Specialty Firearms 3-Wide Shootout.

In the Liberty Realty Compacts, Chris Vannausdle extended his point lead after earning his 4th win of the year. The current NASCAR Div. V national point leader was joined on the podium by John Berg and Zander Steiner. Rookie driver Andy Haley finished in fourth while Sean Bagby rounded out the top five.

Up Next…. ACS will take a week off next Saturday July 24th, but returns with one of the biggest shows of the year on July 31st when the Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series returns for the final time this year. The Ray Houck Memorial will pay $3,000 to win for late models with the night being capped off by a patriotic FIREWORKS Display. Modifieds, Stock Cars, B-Mods, and Hobby Stocks will all be in action, while the Compacts will have a rare off night from action.

Poet Biorefing Modifieds:
A Feature 18 Laps 1. 70-Jesse Dennis[10]; 2. 37-Randy Foote[1]; 3. 36T-Jeff Wiggins[5]; 4. 38X-Brad Bergren[6]; 5. 22-Mark Karg[7]; 6. 10JJosh Cooper[9]; 7. 0-Tony Hardisty[3]; 8. 71-Jeff James[8]; 9. 02-John Davis[4]; 10. 3C-Andrew Clark[2]; 11. 32-Dave Carlisle[13]; 12. 13F-Troy Fudge[14]; 13. 4-Rod Sprague[16]; 14. 3-Doug Burgess[11]; 15. (DNS) 83-Ben Wolverton; 16. (DNS) 29-Monte Most

Heat 1 Top 5 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 37-Randy Foote[1]; 2. 70-Jesse Dennis[7]; 3. 0-Tony Hardisty[5]; 4. 22-Mark Karg[6]; 5. 36T-Jeff Wiggins[4]; 6. 32-Dave Carlisle[2]; 7. 3-Doug Burgess[3]; 8. (DNS) 4-Rod Sprague

Heat 2 Top 5 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 02-John Davis[1]; 2. 38X-Brad Bergren[4]; 3. 71-Jeff James[5]; 4. 10J-Josh Cooper[6]; 5. 3C-Andrew Clark[2]; 6. 4-Rod Sprague; 7. 83-Ben Wolverton[8]; 8. 13F-Troy Fudge[7]; 9. 29-Monte Most[3]

Northland Oil Stock Cars:
A Feature 1 15 Laps 1. 55-Steve Churchill[1]; 2. 37D-Brad Derry[7]; 3. 92-Buck Schafroth[10]; 4. 69-Matt Avila[4]; 5. 50B-Brock Badger[5]; 6. 77- Glen Hoyt[9]; 7. 31-Nick Woodard[6]; 8. 20-Lance Swartz[13]; 9. 24-Rick Bissell[12]; 10. 42-David Nail JR[2]; 11. 3-Mike Albertsen[3]; 12. 31V-Todd VanEaton[8]; 13. 10-Tyler Brammer[14]; 14. (DNS) 64T-Russell Stewart; 15. (DNS) 30-Andy Davison

Heat 1 Top 5 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 69-Matt Avila[2]; 2. 50B-Brock Badger[8]; 3. 37D-Brad Derry[6]; 4. 55-Steve Churchill[3]; 5. 77-Glen Hoyt[7]; 6. 64TRussell Stewart[5]; 7. 24-Rick Bissell[1]; 8. 20-Lance Swartz[4]

Heat 2 Top 5 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 31V-Todd VanEaton[6]; 2. 92-Buck Schafroth[7]; 3. 3-Mike Albertsen[2]; 4. 31-Nick Woodard[1]; 5. 42-David Nail JR[3]; 6. 10-Tyler Brammer[5]; 7. (DNS) 30-Andy Davison

O’Reilly Auto B Mods:
A Feature 1 15 Laps 1. 86J-Jerod Weston[11]; 2. 8TTB-Tommy Hensley[3]; 3. 92-Josh Most[10]; 4. 5-Josh Sink[2]; 5. 0-Shawn Kralik[12]; 6. 78- Evan Davis[7]; 7. 57S-David Schwartz[8]; 8. 21-Cody Werner[17]; 9. 16A-Bryce Allen[4]; 10. 86W-Willy Kirk[9]; 11. 20-Kirk McKay[16]; 12. 88-Hayden Johnston[21]; 13. 95N-Garrett Nelson[13]; 14. 58-Hunter Poston[20]; 15. 87X-steven biggerstaff[1]; 16. 93N-Colton Nelson[5]; 17. 09-Kenny Darnold Jr[15]; 18. 37-Tyler Fudge[14]; 19. 66-Nathan Buchanan[6]; 20. 62-Rick Barton[19]; 21. 26J-Jace Whitt[18]

Heat 1-Top 4 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 86W-Willy Kirk[1]; 2. 92-Josh Most[7]; 3. 87X-steven biggerstaff[2]; 4. 57S-David Schwartz[6]; 5. 95N-Garrett Nelson[5]; 6. 20-Kirk McKay[3]; 7. 62-Rick Barton[4]

Heat 2- Top 4 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 16A-Bryce Allen[1]; 2. 93N-Colton Nelson[2]; 3. 66-Nathan Buchanan[4]; 4. 86J-Jerod Weston[7]; 5. 37-Tyler Fudge[5]; 6. 21-Cody Werner[6]; 7. 58-Hunter Poston[3]

Heat 3-Top 4 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 0-Shawn Kralik[7]; 2. 5-Josh Sink[1]; 3. 8TTB-Tommy Hensley[5]; 4. 78-Evan Davis[2]; 5. 09-Kenny Darnold Jr[3]; 6. 26JJace Whitt[4]; 7. 88-Hayden Johnston[6]

Chat Mobility Hobby Stocks:
A Feature 1 15 Laps 1. 4-Jeremy Purdy[12]; 2. 17-Luke Ramsey[11]; 3. 9-Brit Pellman[2]; 4. 40X-David Weeda[4]; 5. 72-Matthew McAtee[14]; 6. 71-Patrick Pellman[5]; 7. 7H-Adam Hensel[17]; 8. 22-Tanner Dixon[22]; 9. 11F-Colton Garside[25]; 10. 33-Tim McCollum[16]; 11. 12G-Jeremy Ribbey[19]; 12. 35-Blake Henry[24]; 13. 21-Bennett Johnson[20]; 14. 38H-Matthew Hudson[18]; 15. 7-Tom Myers[1]; 16. 5-Derek Myers[10]; 17. 20-Jeremy Auten[15]; 18. 52-Jerry Richards[23]; 19. 16-Buddy Haidsiak[3]; 20. 7K-Bobby Key[6]; 21. 18W-Kenton Walston[7]; 22. 14-Joe Murphy[8]; 23. 95-Jerid Lund[13]; 24. 104-Chris Bates[9]; 25. 10G-Dustin Grout[21]

Heat 1 Top 4 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 40X-David Weeda[1]; 2. 16-Buddy Haidsiak[3]; 3. 5-Derek Myers[2]; 4. 4-Jeremy Purdy[9]; 5. 95-Jerid Lund[8]; 6. 33-Tim McCollum[5]; 7. 12G-Jeremy Ribbey[6]; 8. 22-Tanner Dixon[7]; 9. 11F-Colton Garside[4]

Heat 2 Top 4 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 18W-Kenton Walston[2]; 2. 71-Patrick Pellman[3]; 3. 7-Tom Myers[4]; 4. 7K-Bobby Key[1]; 5. 72-Matthew McAtee[8]; 6. 7H-Adam Hensel[7]; 7. 21-Bennett Johnson[5]; 8. 52-Jerry Richards[6]

Heat 3 Top 4 Redraw 6 Laps 1. 17-Luke Ramsey[8]; 2. 104-Chris Bates[1]; 3. 9-Brit Pellman[4]; 4. 14-Joe Murphy[5]; 5. 20-Jeremy Auten[2]; 6. 38HMatthew Hudson[7]; 7. 10G-Dustin Grout[3]; 8. 35-Blake Henry[6]

Liberty Realty Compacts:
A Feature 1 10 Laps 1. 15-Chris Vannausdle[7]; 2. 12-John Berg[2]; 3. 5-Zander Steiner[5]; 4. 35H-Andy Haley[3]; 5. 31-Sean Bagby[14]; 6. 28- Andrew Akers[4]; 7. 69X-Owen Richards[8]; 8. 15V-Bryan Vannausdle[10]; 9. 007-Tom Steinbach[9]; 10. 18-Matt Buchanan[13]; 11. 23-Dustin Sheppard[1]; 12. 99P-Justin Best[11]; 13. 357-Joe Roshto[6]; 14. 74R-Cody Wilson[17]; 15. 73-Dillon Carlisle[12]; 16. 52-Jerry Richards[15]; 17. 11-Trvor Hayes[16]
Heat 1 Top 5 Redraw 5 Laps 1. 28-Andrew Akers[2]; 2. 5-Zander Steiner[9]; 3. 35H-Andy Haley[4]; 4. 007-Tom Steinbach[8]; 5. 357-Joe Roshto[7]; 6. 99P-Justin Best[6]; 7. 18-Matt Buchanan[5]; 8. 52-Jerry Richards[1]; 9. 74R-Cody Wilson[3]
Heat 2 Top 5 Redraw 5 Laps 1. 23-Dustin Sheppard[1]; 2. 12-John Berg[3]; 3. 15-Chris Vannausdle[6]; 4. 69X-Owen Richards[7]; 5. 15V-Bryan Vannausdle[8]; 6. 73-Dillon Carlisle[5]; 7. 31-Sean Bagby[2]; 8. 11-Trvor Hayes[4]

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